Jan 5, 2022

Pulse About

There are lots of valuable information in the Pulse About section starting with the Pulse version number from the top left corner:


On the Status page, you can see if all Pulse components are working and connected to the main Pulse Application Server:

License Agreement

Pulse license agreement:

Third Party Libraries

All third party libraries using in Pulse:

Application Logs

These are the logs coming from the Pulse Application Server (logs/pulse.log file):

Monitor Logs

These are the logs coming from the Pulse Monitor (logs/monitor.log):


  • Hide notifications: Hide change tracking or alerts prompts
  • Notification Filter: Filter change notifications, i.e. *.pro for processes only, separate each filter with a comma.
  • Thread Idle Threshold (seconds): The number of seconds to display a thread after it has been active when Active is enabled in the Monitor page.


That is the end of the user manual, if you want to learn more about Pulse, you could go to the Pulse blog or go back to the user manual welcome page to learn more about other features.

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