Oct 5, 2022

    Enabling Chore and Process History in the database.

    The information you see in the Chore and Process history feature of the Pulse Web client is coming from the Pulse Elasticsearch data:

    This information can be seen from the Pulse Explorer. There is a dashboard called Pulse – Chore / Process history as below:

    This information can also be stored in the Pulse database. The ChoreLog and the ProcessLog tables are not going to be updated by Pulse anymore.

    These two tables were used by Pulse 5 but are not used by Pulse 6. If you are querying these tables, you can ask Pulse to continue updating them.

    To do that you need to update the setting EnableProcessHistoryDB to true (default is false) in the Pulse.cfg.

    Finally, Restart the Pulse Application Server.

    This operation is memory expensive so we don’t recommend enabling it.

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