Monitor and manage your TM1 environment in one place

Managing the performance of your company’s IBM TM1 applications has never been an easy task with the limited built in tools. You and your company can appreciate that as the size and complexity of systems grow you need the right tools to understand your model, track what is happening and then diagnose issues as they arise. Pulse for TM1 has been developed for this very purpose; it is the one and only all-encompassing management tool for TM1.
With Pulse for TM1 you and your company can take the management of your system to the next level: be the first to know when there is an issue, deliver performance reports to your users and understand the design of your system more than you ever have before.

What's the magic behind Pulse:

Pulse constantly tracks your TM1 services. It is composed of two services which update two internal databases. Pulse must be installed on each server where TM1 is installed.

The Excel Addins:

Pulse comes with the Extend Excel add-in. Extend monitors how Excel is used by the TM1 users. It communicates back to the Pulse server each time a user creates, saves, opens or closes a TM1 enabled Excel workbook. A TM1 enabled workbook is one that contains at least one of the following formulas: TM1RPTVIEW, VIEW, SUBNM, DBRW, DBR or DBS.

Key features:

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