Feb 4, 2017

Happy TM1 users by Pro-Active support

Over the years your TM1 application is growing, as your TM1 application grows, your TM1 user base is likely to grow as well. Supporting a large number of users can be time consuming, especially during month end closes and budgeting/forecasting periods, I can bet that these questions have been asked of you many times before:

  • Where is this data coming from?
  • Why can’t I access my reports?
  • My Excel is freezing, is there something running on the TM1 application?

Typically we see that by giving the appropriate tools to your TM1 users to better understand the TM1 application, you’ll reduce the number of support calls and increase the user adoption. Thanks to different assets that I will refer to in this article, I’m going to show you that Pulse for TM1 can be the answer.

Give User’s transparency

With Pulse’s Live Monitor capability users can view exactly what’s happening on the TM1 application. If the TM1 users think there is something wrong with the TM1 application, they can go and investigate the issue by themselves instead of calling the TM1 support team.

One of our clients reduced their number of support calls by 50% by exposing the Pulse Live Monitor to all its TM1 users.

Bring confidence to TM1 users

To truly trust the data, TM1 users need to understand the TM1 application. Explaining how the application works or where the data is coming from, is time consuming, especially if you have to explain the same things to different users.

To overcome this challenge we recommend using Pulse’s dynamic reports and documentation which can help the users to understand how the TM1 application works at the click of a button:

Having current documentation and the ability to view a TM1 model visually via relationship diagrams also means your users will feel confident about the application knowing all source and relationship between cubes.

Train your users

Users building large views or doing data spreading on large dimensions can slow down the TM1 application. Pulse can help you to identify which users are making these requests and might require TM1 training. With Pulse you can for example analyze all workbooks in your application, the number of sheets, number of rows and if they are using VBA:


You can improve your TM1 application as much as you want but if your TM1 users do not know how to use it, or do not understand how it works, you will likely continue to receive a disproportionate number of low level support calls. The best way to reduce the number of support calls is to give your users the tools to understand the TM1 application themselves.

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