Dec 4, 2016

How to measure TM1 user adoption

User adoption is good way to evaluate the success of any application. You can build the most efficient application ever created but at the end of the day if users are not using it, it’s ROI is questionable.
Typically, in most projects, only key users are involved during the design phase. While most business users will only ever see the application at the end of the project… which might be too late to get their buy in.

Knowing who is using your application, when are they using it and how they are using it, is very important if you want to improve your application, increase its user adoption and measure the applications ROI.

How to measure it ?

Without Pulse, it is very hard to know who is really using the TM1 application and what are they consuming.

Pulse keeps track of user sessions. You know who is using your TM1 application, when are they using it, what are they consuming and lots of other statistics like number of sessions, session times…:

With this data, you will be able to see who is not using your TM1 application and ask them why. Maybe you just need to make a few changes to get them back on board.

And there is more, Pulse tells you exactly how the users are using your TM1 application, you can see if users are consuming the TM1 reports you built or if they prefer to build their own:

Pulse keeps track of TM1 spreadsheets in both Excel and TM1 Web. If you want to know more about User Analytics or Excel Analytics with Pulse just click on the links.

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