Apr 3, 2017

    Migrating Pulse to a new server

    When migrating Pulse from one server to a new server, it is recommended to use the ServerNameOverride parameter as it is described here:

    This article describes the steps to follow when you want to migrate Pulse from an old server to a new server and rename the Pulse database.

    1. Backing up Pulse from the old server.

    If you want to keep Pulse data from the old server, you will need first to back-up some Pulse folders from the old server: 

    2. Install Pulse on the new server.

    The installation of Pulse is straight forward, follow the installation wizard.

    3. Stop Pulse for TM1 services.

    4. Replace the new Pulse folders with the old ones.

    Copy the back up folders from step 1 into the same location on the new server.

    5. Update Pulse databases if server name or TM1 instance changed.

    Do this last step only if the new server name is different from the old one and if the TM1 instance name changed.

    The server name and TM1 instance name are stored in the Pulse databases, to update the Pulse databases, steps are explained in this article:

    6. Start Pulse for TM1 services

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