Jan 3, 2017

Renaming TM1 server name and instance name

Pulse stores the TM1 server name and instance name in the Pulse databases and folders. Pulse stores the data in the databases by server name and instance name.

If you have to rename the server name where TM1 is installed or to rename the TM1 instance name, you will have to update the databases with a script.

You would require to do this if you’re migrating from one server to another where the server name will be different or when upgrading from Cognos Express to TM1 and you don’t want to keep the CXMD instance name.

Renaming the server name or instance name in the database

In order to do that we’ve added 2 new scripts in C:Program FilesPulse for TM1utils which will update the Pulse databases and rename the VCS folder:

  • ServerNameUpdate.bat: rename the server name

  • ServiceNameUpdate.bat: rename the service name

Pulse services have to be stopped before running these batch files.

In order to run a batch file:

  • open the command lines:

  • go to the utils folder cd C:Program FilesPulse for TM1utils:

  • Just type the bat file you want to run e.g ServerNameUpdate.bat to see the help

  • To rename a server name from A to B you’ll need to type ServerNameUpdate.bat A B and then press enter (do not forget to stop the Pulse services).

Renaming the server name or instance name in the folders

To keep the information with the new server name and/or service name, you will have to rename all the following folders:

  • In Pulse 5:

    • Pulse for TM1history<serviceName>

    • Pulse for TM1vcsgit<serviceName>

  • In Pulse 6:

    • Pulse for TM1vcsgit<serverName><serviceName>

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