Mar 2, 2021

Managing your Arc subscriptions

This article explains how to manage your Arc for TM1 subscriptions.

How to access my subscription

The authentication to the subscription page works with your support platform’s account. First, log in with your email to the support platform:

Once logged in, open a new tab and go to:

If you are the Primary contact (contact who will receive invoices), you will be able to access the Home page as below.

If you are not the primary contact and you need to update your subscription, you can contact us here:

How to update secondary contacts

From the Home page, the primary contact can update the list of contacts. All contacts can generate new licenses. One license needs to be generated on each server where Arc is installed ( the license is per server and not per user).

More information about how to generate a new license can be found in the following article:

The other contacts (secondary) can:

  • generate new licenses

The Primary contact can:

  • manage the subscription

  • receive new invoices

  • generate new licenses

Access your quotes

All quotes are available on the Quotes page:

Access your invoices

All invoices are available in the Invoices page:

Renewals information

In the Renewals page, you will find:

  • Status of the subscription: Active/Expired

  • Frequency: Monthly/Yearly

  • Start Date and End Date of the subscription

  • Next Invoice Date

  • Total of the next invoice

Cancel the subscription or update the quantity

To update the renewal information, just click on the renewal ID. You can then cancel the renewal or update the quantity as below:

Update the credit card

In the Credit cards page, you can add a new card and then delete the previous one:

How to generate new licenses

If your subscription is active, generating a new license is very straight forward, just follow the steps described below:

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