Jan 2, 2018

How Cubewise Code will shape the future of IBM TM1/Planning Analytics in 2018

A lot happened in the TM1/Planning Analytics world in 2017. Canvas has been endorsed by many customers as their new way to build modern web planning and reporting applications. TM1py brought together for the first time, the TM1 and Python communities in order to find new ways to integrate external systems with your TM1 application. 

In 2018, we continue mastering the TM1 REST API by introducing a brand new product:

Something that all TM1 developers have been asking for! A new way to build your TM1 models which takes advantage of all the new features of TM1 11 / Planning Analytics. More information to come on this blog or you can contact your local Cubewise office.

Pulse goes Big Data with Kibana and Elasticsearch

Buiding reports and analysing the core of your TM1 application such as your TM1 user sessions, TM1 process errors, TM1 process/chore runtime… will become even easier now with Kibana and Elastic Search.

Kibana is probably the most exciting new feature of Pulse since migration was added. With Pulse v5.7, Pulse can now send data to Elasticsearch, one of the best and most popular Big Data stores. Kibana provides dashboarding / reporting on top of the Pulse data stored in Elasticsearch enabling you to develop your own metrics and share them with your TM1 community.

Canvas Cube Viewer and Subset Editor

Canvas will continue revolutioning the way TM1 planning and dashboarding applications are built. Canvas has proven in 2017 that it is a mature, scalable and stable solution for many customers. In 2018, we will make Canvas even better by introducing a lot of new exciting features such as the brand new Cube Viewer, Subset Editor and new samples.

A new version of Bedrock and TM1py

In 2018, there will be a new version of Bedrock (v4) which will be designed for IBM Planning Analytics. This will support hierarchies and all the new functions introduced with Planning Analytics Local. We will continue improving TM1py as well, with a lot of new features and articles to inform the TM1 Community about what you can do with Python.

Exciting IBM TM1/Planning Analytics conferences coming close to you

This year TM1 and Planning Analytics conferences will be held in four locations:

  • London in April
  • Sydney and Melbourne in August
  • Las Vegas in September

We will also be at Think conference in March so if you are in Las Vegas drop by and say hello.

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