Aug 2, 2020

FAQ Slice


+ What is Slice ?

Slice is an Excel add-in to retrieve and update values from a TM1 database using cell based functions.

+ Why create slice ?

We wanted to expand the TM1 ecosystem to make it easier for companies to build and deploy application-specific Excel user interfaces. Key requirements of Slice: it is fast, easy to install with few dependencies, connected directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet, has built-in support for hierarchies, supports existing reports built in Perspectives and formula mode in PA for Excel.

+ How much does it cost?

Slice comes with a three months trial period. If you want to continue using Slice Business after this period, you will have to subscribe to Slice Business. Slice works by subscriptions, more information on the Slice pricing page


+ Will Slice work with my existing reports ?

Yes, Slice has been built to be backwards compatible with Perspectives and PA for Excel functions. PA for Excel action buttons are supported but not those from Perspectives. If there is anything that does not work, create an issue and we will do our best fix the issue.

+ Does Slice work with TM1Web ?

Yes, Slice uses the same functions as Perspectives the only exception being the new hierarchy functions DBH and DBHW and the new active form function.

+ Does Slice work with the IBM PA Cloud ?

Yes, Slice will work with the IBM Cloud. Out of the box you will be able to use your non-interactive account, to use your IBMID or a federated login you will need to contact Cubewise for assistance.

+ Do I need Citrix or Remote Desktop to use Slice over the internet ?

The short answer is, no, the long answer is, it depends. Slice has been built to work over a slow(ish) connection with lots of help from the REST API. You should test your own system to see the confirm the response times before rolling it out. It is unlikely it will be as fast as Citrix hosted options but it may be fast enough.

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