Mar 5, 2018



+ What is Arc ?

Arc is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TM1 and Planning Analytics. It provides a centralized platform for all your TM1 development, access all of your on-premise and cloud environments from one location. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the new features in Planning Analytics (TM1 11+) such as hierarchies and debugging of Turbo Integrator.

+ How much does it cost ?

Arc comes with a three months trial period. If you want to continue using Arc after this period, you will have to subscribe to Arc. Arc works by subscriptions, details about the pricing can be found here.


+ Arc prerequisites

Arc is officially supported on TM1 11+ (Planning Analytics 2+). Most features will work with TM1 10.2.2 but a number of important APIs are only present in TM1 11+.

The TM1 REST API is required for Arc to work, it can be enabled by setting the HTTPPortNumber parameter in the tm1s.cfg file, i.e. HTTPPortNumber=8111. See:
To enabled Turbo Integrator debugging you must also add EnableTIDebugging to the tm1s.cfg file, i.e. EnableTIDebugging =true
You need to restart the TM1 service for these settings to take effect.

+ Server configuration

Arc supports all TM1 security modes that require a password, Windows Authentication and CAM Single Sign On is not supported at this stage.

+ Where to install Arc?

Arc should be installed on the same server that TM1 is running, this allows Arc to access both the ODBC data sources and text files on the TM1 server. If you install Arc on a desktop or separate server Arc will function as normal with the exception of the ODBC and Text preview in Turbo Integrator processes.

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