Oct 4, 2023

Enabling the Live Migration of subsets with Pulse

Live migration of subsets has been introduced in Pulse v6.3.0.

When creating a new package, if you select the option Include Subsets, all subsets will be included in the package. When executing the package, Pulse will create the subsets in the target server:

How to enable the live migration of subsets

To enable the live migration of subsets, you need to go to Administration > Source Level then select your dimension and tick the box in the column Subsets.

In the example below, the live migration of subsets is enabled only for the Account dimension.

Impact of tracking too many subsets

There is a setting in the Pulse.cfg to exclude temporary subsets to be tracked:

ExcludeSubsetsWithText = }, Temp, __BACKUP

Please include to this list any temporary subsets naming convention which do not need to be tracked by Pulse.

For example, if your temporary subsets starts with “zzz_”, you should add zzz_ to the list. The changes to the ExcludeSubsetsWithText setting will only be applied when the Pulse App Server will be restarted.

The only risk if Pulse is tracking too many subsets is that the VCS folder containing your change history is going to grow quite quickly.

Be aware that when you want to migrate subsets live, you should be asking Pulse only to track the most relevant subsets (the ones which are created manually).

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