Jul 4, 2019

Data Science Strikes Back

Data science uses scientific methods such as statistics and mathematics to inform and more importantly provide guidance based on trends, behaviours and analytics of a company’s data. Many organisations are still not embracing the power of Data Science an overlook the fact that it can help them solve many problems by using a broad range of interfaces and techniques available in today’s Data Science world.

From interactive notebooks like Jupyter, instant visualisations like Plotly, forecast models such as Prophet or even using machine learning, the Data Science landscape provides access to the right technology at every stage along the journey.

We have mentioned this before… “having accurate data in your TM1 and Planning Analytics system is just one part of the job, the second part which is even more important is to understand your data. This is where Data Science can help. Data Science will help you to improve how you make decisions by better understanding the past and predicting the future…Read the complete post on Data Science here.

Watch Episode V

We invite you to watch this video and realize the huge potential of combining the best of two worlds, Planning Analytics/TM1 and Data Science.  

Next Episode

Understand and see what it is out of the possible when web frameworks are used to create sophisticated PA/TM1 applications.

  • Canvas for PA/TM1

  • AngularJS and Bootstrap

  • Google maps, SheetJS and much more

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