A New Hope with the TM1 REST API

Python has recently arisen as a first in class programming language in the development of modern applications as well as data analysis mainly because it requires relatively little time and effort to learn. Its syntax is quite straightforward, and you can practically read it and understand it with very little interpretation. Consequently, developers now tend to focus more on how to solve specific problems or use cases rather than spending time on figuring out the semantics of the language.

The above is no exception within the Planning Analytics world and since the release of the REST API TM1 developers are now starting to embrace Python and TM1py; from loading FX rates from web services to advanced integration with machine learning and forecasting algorithms.

TM1py is a free Python package that wraps the TM1 REST API in a simple to use library and you can get started very easily! Just take a look at our Getting started with TM1py blog for more information.

Watch Episode IV now!

Watch Episode IV now to understand how to use the REST API and Python in order to boost and integrate your TM1 server with lots of new technologies.

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Join this thrilling Episode and realize the huge potential of combining the best of two worlds, Planning Analytics/TM1 and Data Science.

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