+ What is TM1py ?

TM1py is a Python package that wraps the TM1 REST API in a simple to use library. That makes it easy to build stuff with TM1 and python.

+ What is Python ?

Python is a widely-used general-purpose programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

+ Why you should use TM1py ?

  • Use Pandas for Data Analysis and Statistics on top of your TM1 model.
  • Load data (e.g. FX, stock data) from web services into TM1 such as Quandl financial.
  • Build Machine Learning and Forecasting Algorithms with Python and scikit-learn based on your TM1 data.

+ TM1py prerequisites ?

TM1 server should be on version 10.2.2 FP5 as minimum.

+ Do I need a license to use TM1py ?

TM1py is a free and open source (MIT license) and there are no limitations of any kind. All of the code, documents and information in TM1py are to be deemed without warranty.

+ What TM1 security does TM1py support ?

TM1py supports TM1 Security mode 1, 2, 4 and 5. TM1py supports CAM authentication which allows any LDAP directory to be used including the Active Directory.

+ How can I contribute?

The source code is hosted at github.com/cubewise-code/tm1py. If you find a bug or feel like you can contribute please fork the repository, update the code and then create a pull request so we can merge in the changes.

+ How do I get started ?

Just follow this Quick startup guide and you will be able to run your first Python script in less than 5 min.