Jan 3, 2022

Creating a new Pulse alert

Pro-active Alerts can be configured based on multiple scenarios and triggers. Allowing you to rectify problems BEFORE they become an issue. Alert types include memory use, free disk spacewait timeTM1 crasheserror logsmessage logsrun time, etc.

Alerts can be restricted to particular days and times to stop erroneous messages due to scheduled maintenance. 

Multiple notification groups can be created to send to different people based on alert types. Alerts are displayed in both the console, windows client and can be sent via email or as a push notification.

Before creating alerts, it is important to check if the SMTP settings are configured.

Creating a new alert

Go to Administration > Alerts:

When Pulse is connected to multiple TM1 servers, the alert list will be linked to the server dropdown in the top bar. Alerts are defined by servers.

To create a new alert, just click the New button. Then you will need to choose the type of alerts. The list of all types is explained in the following article:

Then the parameters will be different for each alert.

Recommended alerts

There are a few alerts that we recommend to set up in each environment, please find the list in the following article:

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