Apr 3, 2017

SMTP (Email) Settings

Canvas allows you to send email alerts, to do this it needs to access an SMTP server. For most corporate networks the SMTP server will accept any email send requests from servers in the same network.

You need to provide Canvas the following information as a minimum:

  • SMTP Server: This can be the name of the SMTP server or an IP address
  • SMTP Port Number: The default port number is 25, other common ports include: 587 or 465.
  • SMTP From Address: This is the email address that will be in the From field in the email. In most cases this doesn’t have to be a valid email address and could be something like: noreply@yourcompany.com.

You update the SMTP settings in Canvas in the settings

  • http://localhost:8080/<application name>/admin#/setting

Things to Check

SMTP Relay

In some environments access to the SMTP server is restricted by computer, if you are unable to send emails from Canvas you should check with your System Administrator if this is the case. What needs to be enabled is SMTP relay for your TM1/Canvas server and provide either the server name or IP address.

Firewall Restictions

Another reason email sending may be blocked is due to a firewall on the TM1/Canvas server. This could be either the built in Windows Firewall or a third-party application such as SymantecNorton, etc. Check to see if any of these are installed and activated.

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