Oct 3, 2017

Canvas v2 Released

The unique IBM TM1/Planning Analytics REST API framework just got even better! Some of the highlights of the great new features of Canvas version 2 below.

Email Bursting

With Canvas v2, you can now burst PDF reports by email. There are 5 ways to drive your bursting either based on a Dimension Subset, Dimension MDX, Cubeview, CSV file or a path to a CSV file. 

Even more exciting is that you can schedule to run a TM1 process or TM1 chore just before the bursting via the Task Scheduler.

Alternate hierarchies are now supported

Canvas v2 also supports the exciting new alternate hierarchies feature found in IBM Planning Analytics. To get values using alternate hierarchies, you can now use the following syntax:

  • “Hierarchy1::Element1 && Hierarchy2::Element2”

For example, to get the value from 2010 Jan from the Time dimension, you will need to use the following:

  • “Year::2010 && Month::Jan”

As you can see in the following screenshot which is using the cell reference feature in Canvas:

A new way to upload Excel files into TM1

Canvas includes the SheetJS library which will help you read data from a spreadsheet and display it in your browser.

Once the data is in the browser and after clicking on the Save button. Canvas will batch the query and send the data into the TM1 cube using the TM1 REST API.

Canvas usage tracking is now available

With Canvas, you can track which pages your users are using. This data can be viewed in Pulse and/or stored in a file system.

Refresh only a specific group of DBRs

You can now make your page even more responsive by grouping your DBRs so they do not all refresh when you input a value into one DBR.



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