Sep 2, 2017

Refresh DBRs by Groups

By default when you input a value in a cell containing DBRs in Canvas, all the DBRs will refresh. From Canvas 2.0 and up, you can now group the DBRs so that when you input a value, only the DBRs of the same group as that input will be refreshed. This could greatly improve the responsiveness of your page.

For example if the table contains data from two different cubes, you could split the DBRs into two groups.

To group DBRs, you will need to add to the tm1-ui-dbr directive, the new attribute tm1-refresh-group=”<group name>”. For example if you want to call the group Group 1, it will look like this:

  • tm1-refresh-group=”Group 1″

An example of the tm1-refresh-group button can be found in the components of the samples application.

  • http://localhost:8080/samples/#/sample/component/dbr-group-update

This page contains the DBRs which get the same value in TM1, if you input a value in the first DBR, all DBRs will refresh:

The DBR in the No Group block does not have any group defined:

<tm1-ui-dbr   tm1-instance="dev"   tm1-cube="General Ledger"   tm1-elements='Actual,2011/12,Mar,Local,England,Sales and Marketing,Employee Benefits,Amount'></tm1-ui-dbr>

When you write a value to this DBR it will update every other DBRs, even the one which are in a specific group.

However if you input a value in the first group DBR, you will see that it will only update the DBRs within that panel (all the these were given the same group for sample purposes). And in connection to this, the DBRs in Group 2 panel will not refresh:

If we have a look at the code, we can see that both DBR are in different groups:

This grouping also applies to the other DBRs within that panel, per group.


This feature should allow you to localize your inputs and updates, giving you further control on how to update your page.

When you input a value to a DBR and if it is part of a group, only the DBRs within the same group will be refreshed. If the DBR is not part of any group, as per normal cases, then all DBRs will be refreshed even the ones which are parts of a group.

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