Jun 2, 2017

Analyse your data with Google Map and IBM TM1/Planning Analytics

Canvas for TM1 gives your company the freedom to easily create modern, sophisticated IBM TM1/Planning Analytics applications. There is almost no limit with the things you can do now, such as displaying your business data by locations with Google Map. For example we have seen sales field rep benefiting from this new type of visualization:

Integrate Google Map into your application

With Canvas for TM1, it is really easy to link Google Map with your IBM TM1/Planning Analytics data. All you need to do is query your cube using MDX Query and then use Canvas for TM1 to display it in Google Map:

Create your own Google Map

Even better, you can customize Google Map to the way you want it. Show/Hide roads, parks or monuments. There are lots of settings that you can play with! Google Map has a Google Maps APIs Styling Wizard which will help you create your own style:


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