Installing TM1py on a server with no internet connection

This article describes the step to install TM1py on a server with no internet connection.

1 - Download Python or Anaconda

TM1py is a Python package, it requires either Python or Anaconda (A platform to manage your Python packageds) to be installed first:

2 - Install Python or Anaconda

Once downloaded copy the installer into your server and follow the installer steps. In this article we chose to install Anaconda.

3 - Check if Anaconda is installed correctly

Open the Anaconda command promtp and type:

  • where Python

It will return the path where Python is installed.

4 - Install TM1py

All TM1py version can be found in the GitHub repository:

Download the source code:

Unzip it and copy the TM1py folder:

Then you paste the TM1py folder into C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages (or wherever the install-directory of python / Anaconda is located on that machine).

Then in the TM1py directory inside the lib\site-packages folder it should look exactly as in the lib\site-packages\TM1py folder on your local machine, where you installed TM1py through pip.