TM1 Function for TI, ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet

Skip or include ruled values when exporting a view using ASCIIOutput.

What is the ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet function?

ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet skips or includes ruled values when exporting a view using ASCIIOutput.​
Use in the Prolog tab. 

Where can the ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet function be used?


What is the syntax for ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet?

ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet(CubeName, ViewName, Flag)​;

CubeName = Name of the cube​
ViewName = Name of the view from the cube​
Flag = Boolean flag. 1 to skip ruled values or 0 to include.

A demonstration on how to use ViewExtractSkipRuleValuesSet

Export the view, vs LY, from the Product Scorecard cube to exclude ruled cells, then show the result when rules are included.