TM1 Function for TI, ViewAttrInsert

Creates a new attribute for a cube view.

What is the ViewAttrInsert function?

ViewAttrInsert creates a new attribute for a cube view. 

Where can the ViewAttrInsert function be used?


What is the syntax for ViewAttrInsert?

ViewAttrInsert(CubeName, PreviousAttributeName, NewAttributeName, AttributeType);​

​CubeName = Name of the cube that has the view to receive the attribute.​
PreviousAttributeName = Name of the attribute that antecedes the new attribute (order). ​
NewAttributeName = Name of the new attribute to be added.​
AttributeType = Type of the attribute to be created. The attribute types are:​
– N: Numeric attribute;
– S: String attribute;
– A: Alias attribute

A demonstration on how to use ViewAttrInsert

Use ViewAttrInsert to create an attribute, ‘Description’ for the Employee cube.