TM1 Function for TI, ​SubsetElementGetIndex

Retrieves an element’s index in a subset.

What is the SubsetElementGetIndex function?

SubsetElementGetIndex retrieves an element’s index in a subset. If the element doesn’t exist in the subset, then the function returns 0. If the index is not between 1 and the size of the subset then the function return error and process will be aborted. 

Where can the SubsetElementGetIndex function be used?


What is the syntax for SubsetElementGetIndex?

SubsetElementGetIndex(DimName, SubsetName, ElementName, StartIndex).;

​DimName = Name of the Dimension where subset exists.​
SubsetName = Name of the subset from where we want to retrieve element index. ​
ElementName = Name of the element which we want to retrieve index from the subset. ​
StartIndex = Index number to start searching from. This value must be between 1 and the size of the subset. 

A demonstration on how to use SubsetElementGetIndex

Use SubsetElementGetIndex to retrieve an element’s (Sales Amount) index, demonstrating the result with different StartIndexes.