TM1 Function for TI, SubsetCreate

Creates a subset in a dimension.

What is the SubsetCreate function?

SubsetCreate creates a subset in a dimension. 

Where can the SubsetCreate function be used?


What is the syntax for SubsetCreate?

SubsetCreate(DimName, SubName, [AsTemporary] )​;

​DimName = Name of the Dimension where we are creating subset.  ​
SubName = Name of the subset that we want to assign to the subset.  ​
[AsTemporary] = This is an optional parameter and mainly it is used to create temporary subset. The argument values are 1 and 0.​
– 1 =  creates temporary subset;
– 0 = creates the permanent subset. 

A demonstration on how to use SubsetCreate

Use SubsetCreate to create a permanent and temporary subset in the Product Scorecard dimension.