TM1 Function for TI, ​ServerSandboxExists

Checks if a sandbox exists for a user.

What is the ServerSandboxExists function?

ServerSandboxExists checks if a sandbox exists for a user. It returns a numeric value of 1 if the sandbox exists or 0 if it does not exist.

Where can the ServerSandboxExistsfunction be used?


What is the syntax for ServerSandboxExists?

ServerSandboxExists(SandboxName, UserName);​

SandboxName = Name of the existing sandbox to be cloned.​

UserName = Optional parameter with the name of a user to check if the sandbox exists. If omitted, TM1 will check the user who is running the process. This parameter only works if an Admin, DataAdmin or the given user is running the process, if not, TM1 will return an error.​

Note: Sandboxes are a private space for users to work and insert values. These values are stored separated from the TM1 database.

A demonstration on how to use ServerSandboxExists

Use ServerSandboxExists to check if the sandbox Training exists.