TM1 Function for TI, HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex

Returns the index of an element in a subset for a hierarchy.

What is the HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex function?

HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex returns the index of an element in a subset for a hierarchy.

Where can the HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex function be used?


What is the syntax for HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex?

HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex(DimensionName, HierarchyName, SubsetName, ElementName, StartIndex);​

​DimensionName = Name of the dimension the subset is in.​
HierarchyName = Name of the Hierarchy the subset is in.​
SubsetName = Name of the subset to be checked.​
ElementName = Name of the element to be checked in the subset.​
StartIndex = a value between 1 and the size of the subset on where to start the search from​

Note: The subset checked must be public

A demonstration on how to use HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex

Use HierarchySubsetElementGetIndex to return the index for the Finance element in the Departments subset, associated with the Employee hierarchy and Employee dimension, starting from index 1.