TM1 Function for TI, HierarchySubsetElementExists

Checks if an elements exists in a public subset.

What is the HierarchySubsetElementExists function?

HierarchySubsetElementExists checks if an elements exists in a public subset. 1 is returned if the elements exists or 0 if it does not exist in the subset.

Where can the HierarchySubsetElementExists function be used?


What is the syntax for HierarchySubsetElementExists?

HierarchySubsetElementExists(DimensionName, HierarchyName, SubsetName, ElementName);​

​DimensionName = Name of the dimension the subset is in.​
HierarchyName = Name of the Hierarchy the subset is in.​
SubsetName = Name of the subset to be checked.​
ElementName = Name of the element to be checked in the subset.​

Note: The subset checked must be public

A demonstration on how to use HierarchySubsetElementExists

Use HierarchySubsetElementExists to check if the element, Finance, exists in the Departments subset that’s associated with the Employee hierarchy and Employee dimension.