TM1 Function for TI, HierarchyElementInsertDirect

Adds an element to a specific hierarchy.

What is the HierarchyElementInsertDirect function?

HierarchyElementInsertDirect adds an element to a specific hierarchy. This function is actioned immediately.  To action this function until the process makes a commitment (e.g. at the end of executing the metadata tab), use HierarchyElementInsert.

Where can the HierarchyElementInsertDirect function be used?


What is the syntax for HierarchyElementInsertDirect?

HierarchyElementInsertDirect(DimName, HierName, InsertionPoint, ElName, ElType)​;

​DimName = Dimension Name​
HierName = Hierarchy Name​
InsertionPoint = An existing element where the element is inserted before this element. If blank, the new element will be added as the last element in the dimension.​
ElName = Element Name​
ElType = Element type (N for numeric element, S for string element and C for consolidated element)

A demonstration on how to use HierarchyElementInsertDirect

Add Scotland as a numeric element, positioned before Wales, in the United Kingdom hierarchy from the Sales Region dimension.