TM1 Function for TI, ElementAttrNL

Retrieves a numeric attribute for an element.

What is the ElementAttrNL function?

ElementAttrNL retrieves a numeric attribute for an element.

Where can the ElementAttrNL function be used?


What is the syntax for ElementAttrNL?

ElementAttrNL(Dimension, Hierarchy, Element, Attribute, [LangLocaleCode]);​

​Dimension = Name of the Dimension​
Hierarchy = Name of the Hierarchy within the Dimension​
Element = Name of the Element within the Dimension​
Attribute = Name of the Attribute​
LangLocaleCode = Language Locale Code – note this is an optional field.

A demonstration on how to use ElementAttrNL

Use ElementAttrNL to retrieve the SupplierCode attribute for Cleaners in the Product Type dimension.