TM1 Function for TI, CubeRuleAppend

Appends a single line of text to a rule.

What is the CubeRuleAppend function?

CubeRuleAppend appends a single line of text to a rule.

Where can the CubeRuleAppend function be used?


What is the syntax for CubeRuleAppend?

CubeRuleAppend(CubeName, RuleText, IsCalculationRule);​

​CubeName = Name of the Cube. ​
RuleText = Single line of rule text that we want to insert in the Rule. ​
IsCalculationRule = To define if the new rule line should be added above the feeder statement or below the feeder statement. ​
– 1 = insert new rule line above the feeder statement;​
– 0 = add the new rule line below the feeder statement or at the end of the rule.

A demonstration on how to use CubeRuleAppend

Use CubeRuleAppend to insert lines to the Product Scorecard rule.