TM1 Function for TI, ​CubeAttrPutN

Uploads data to a numeric attribute for a cube.

What is the CubeAttrPutN function?

CubeAttrPutN uploads data to a numeric attribute for a cube.

Where can the CubeAttrPutN function be used?


What is the syntax for CubeAttrPutN?

CubeAttrPutN(NumericValue, CubeName, AttributeName, [LangLocaleCode] );​

​NumericValue = Value to be set as numeric attribute.​
CubeName = Cube to have the numeric attribute set.​
AttributeName = Name of the attribute to receive the value.​
LangLocaleCode = Specifies the language code the attribute will be loaded (ISO 639-1). If blank or ignored, TM1 will update the base attribute value.​

Note:  The list of valid LangLocaleCode values can be found on the dimension ‘}Cultures’

A demonstration on how to use CubeAttrPutN

Use CubeAttrPutN to upload data to the attribute, Number of Dimensions, for the Employee cube.