TM1 Function for TI, CellPutProportionalSpread 

Proportionally spreads a value to the children of a consolidation.

What is the CellPutProportionalSpread function?

CellPutProportionalSpread proportionally spreads a value to the children of a consolidation.

Where can the CellPutProportionalSpread function be used?


What is the syntax for CellPutProportionalSpread?

CellPutProportionalSpread( value, cube, e1, e2, e3…,en )​;

​Value = numeric value to be spread proportionally​
Cube = Cube Name to write the value to​
e1,e2….en = Dimension element names determining the data point within the cube to be retrieved. The sequence of the element arguments should match to the order of the dimension in the cube.​
Note: This function will replace an existing value in the cube cell. It will not add/subtract from the cube value. It will also update only those children within the consolidations with non-zero values unless the entire children under the specified consolidation are all zero.

A demonstration on how to use CellPutProportionalSpread

There are two demos on the Product Scorecard cube:​
1. Spread 10,000 to Bikes, that no values. This demonstrates an equal spread.​
2. Spread 3,500,000 to Accessories, that has values. This demonstrates proportional spread.