TM1 Function for TI, ​​AttrInsert

Creates a new attribute for a dimension.

What is the AttrInsert function?

AttrInsert creates a new attribute for a dimension.

Where can the AttrInsert function be used?


What is the syntax for AttrInsert?

AttrInsert(DimName, PrevAttr, AttrName, Type);

Create a new element attribute for a dimension.​
DimName =The dimension for which you want to create an element attribute.​
PrevAttr=The attribute that precedes the attribute you are creating.​
AttrName=The name you want to assign to the new attribute.​
Type=The type of attribute. There are three possible values for the Type argument:​
N – Creates a numeric attribute.​
S – Creates a string attribute.​
A – Creates an alias attribute.

A demonstration on how to use AttrInsert

Create the Gender attribute to the Employee dimension.