TM1 Function for Rules, DB

DB retrieve a value from a cube cell. 

Where can the DB function be used?


What is the DB function?

DB retrieve a value from a cube cell. 

What is the syntax for DB?

DB(Cube, e1, e2 [,…en]) ​
Cube = Cube Name to retrieve the data from ​
e1,e2….en = Dimension element names determining the data point within the cube to be retrieved. The sequence of the element arguments should match to the order of the dimension in the cube. ​
Note: ​
Principle element name or Alias can be used as the argument to the function ​
If using hierarchies, dimension name should be mentioned along with the element name like HierarchyName:ElementName 

A demonstration on how to use DB

In the Sales Quota cube, we will multiply the Sales Quota Budget values from January by the Monthly Growth located in the Sales Assumption cube.