Distribute your application to more people

Having your TM1 applications accessible from any device at any time will reduce your planning and reporting processes and empower business users to make decisions sooner by bringing financial and operational information to them.

Very fast on a slow network

Canvas uses the TM1 REST API to connect to TM1 which means that it has a direct access to TM1 with no extra ETL required. Canvas optimizes access to TM1 further by batching queries and updates so that TM1 can process multiple requests in one go.

Get the freedom to do anything you want

Excel as a web application authoring tool has its limitations. Lots of features such as Search, Filter or Sort on Columns are not straight forward and or impossible to author for TM1 Web. With Canvas these features and many more come as standard inclusions in the Canvas samples library.

20+ ui components based on existing TM1 functionality

Canvas has a library of components which will fast track the development of your Canvas application. All these components have been based on existing TM1 functionality, such as: DBRW, DBRA, SUBNM, Active Forms, run TM1 process… The goal is to leverage your TM1 Knowledge. If you know TM1 you will quickly learn how to use Canvas!

Cell based logic

Similar to TM1 and Excel, Canvas has adopted a cell based approach to application design. This means each cell in Canvas has its own DBR formula to retrieve and to update TM1.

Build intuitive data entry template

Building reports in Excel is a great way to build TM1 applications but you can easily reach the limits of Excel. Canvas will help you to extend the reach of your TM1 applications as you will now be able to easily build a modern and intuitive web front-end for your planning and reporting TM1 applications.

Fully supports TM1 features

Canvas is built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers. TM1 features that you are familiar with such as subsets, attributes, pick-lists, cell annotations, TM1 security, drill through, spreading , etc. all are available in Canvas.

Learn new skills

All Canvas applications are authored in HTML. Canvas comes with a complete set of HTML planning and reporting samples which will help you to quickly build out your new TM1 web applications.

Learning HTML will provide you with a skill that will always be in fashion.

Validate user input

Canvas enables you to add a validation criterion to any input cell. When you input a value and it does not match the pre-defined criteria a validation error message will appear and the value will not be sent into the TM1 server:

A Cube Viewer and Subset Editor

The Canvas Cube Viewer will offer flexibility to your users and fasten developments. It fully supports all IBM Planning Analytics features such as hierarchies and sandbox.