A suite of proven, ready to use, flexible functions for IBM Planning Analytics.

Atmosphere revolutionizes your IBM Planning Analytics TM1 application by bringing advanced capabilities and direct integrations to optimize your Planning Analytics experience and ROI.

Atmosphere is Function as a Service for IBM Planning Analytics

Atmosphere is available with limited release to North American customers only at this time. Contact us to learn more.

No Code. No Installation. No Server.

As a serverless function, Atmosphere is easily incorporated with any TM1 model. Atmosphere runs in the cloud. It doesn’t require an installation. It doesn’t require a server.

You can call it from a TI process, and it just works.

Available Functions

Burst reports from TM1 Web.

Load directly from Microsoft Sharepoint

Calculate IRR, NPV and many other functions.

Sync data across TM1 instances

Load directly from Salesforce

Load trusted Foreign Exchange Rates from ECB

Load directly from Snowflake

Load directly from Bamboo HR

Scalable and Highly Available

Atmosphere scales effortlessly, allowing you to parallelize tasks as needed, enhancing efficiency. It’s serverless and stateless design ensures it cannot crash, providing uninterrupted service to your operations 24/7.

Competitive Pricing

Functions are available for individual subscription, with a pricing model based on usage. Starting at 1,000 USD per year, for low-tier usage.

24h Standard Cubewise Support

If you encounter any issues, simply raise a ticket with the Cubewise team, and a dedicated expert from your time zone will promptly assist you

How does it work?

Atmosphere Functions can be called directly from TI processes.

Once you sign up, we deploy your function in a dedicated container in AWS and provide you with a TI process that has the Function-URL and API-Key baked in.

With the TI process you can call the function any time you require it. Atmosphere Functions scale naturally. You can parallelize your executions when performance is critical.

All communication between your TM1 instance and AWS is encrypted with HTTPS. Atmosphere operates on AWS as a stateless function, ensuring data security by never persisting or memorizing any information between runs.

How to Get Started

Atmosphere commercial offering is currently limited to North America. For all other regions, please reach out to sign up for the beta tester program.