Do you want to use TM1py and need access to support?

Sign-up for official TM1py Support offered by Cubewise.

Why sign up to TM1py Support by Cubewise?

TM1py is a community-driven project on GitHub and has been developed and maintained by a diverse community of TM1 developers for years.

Cubewise administers and leads the TM1py development by reviewing all the contributions and guaranteeing the quality and validity of all changes to TM1py.

Over the years, many TM1py users have reached out to us requesting official support of the open-source product.

What is included in the offering?

Access to the ticketing system

Advance beyond the existing open-source support and gain access to a platform where you can raise TM1py related issues with our team of experts.

Guaranteed fixes for bugs and flaws

Any flaws or bugs you find in TM1py will be addressed.

Priority on requests to TM1py product road map

You will have priority when requesting new features for TM1py.

Support for RushTI, CubeCalc and MDXpy

Popular TM1py-based utilities like RushTI are currently not supported, beyond the open-source support on GitHub. This offering closes the gap.

Guaranteed response time of 24 hours

We guarantee to respond your tickets in a timely fashion.

Code reviews and mentoring

You are entitled to schedule TM1py mentoring and code-reviews sessions with our TM1py experts.

How does it work?

Did you find a defect in TM1py?

Open a ticket with our support desk and we guarantee to respond in a timely fashion and address the issue.

You have deployed a solution that uses TM1py and want to make sure the TM1py functionality is supported in case something breaks?

Sign up for TM1py Support and we have you covered.

Does your organisation require vendor support for used software?

Sign up for official TM1py Support and get access to our TM1py Support desk.

How to get started

Just reach out to us and we will help get you up and running quickly!