Easily use Pulse and Arc with your IBM Planning Analytics SaaS applications.

Pulse and Arc hosted in the cloud

Cubewise Cloud provides Pulse and Arc hosted in the cloud and is recommended so that you can use these easily in IBM Planning Analytics SaaS environments.

Cubewise Cloud is the best way to consume Pulse and Arc for IBM Planning Analytics SaaS customers. Access your Pulse and Arc environment from anywhere start better administrate and develop all your IBM PA SaaS environments.

Many IBM Planning Analytics SaaS customers have reached out to us to use Pulse and Arc but they don’t have the infrastructure to install it on-premise.

How does it work?

The Cubewise Cloud team provides 24/7 access to Pulse and Arc connected to all your IBM PA SaaS environment.

Real-time monitoring – we can catch issues when and as they arise, leading to faster resolutions.

Scheduled upgrades – get the latest features as soon as they are available.

Cubewise best practices – your products will be up to date with the best practices.

Pulse and Arc do not store cube data, only metadata (sessions, change tracking…) will be stored in your Cubewise Cloud enviornment.

What is Cubewise Cloud?

Pulse and Arc are hosted in highly secure and robust Amazon AWS local to your IBM PA SaaS environment. Pulse and Arc will be hosted in the same region of your IBM PA SaaS environments to make the connection between these two environments as fast as possible.

You will be provided with two URLs, one to access Pulse and one to access Arc.

How to get started

Just reach out to us and we will help get you up and running quickly!