TI Helper

TI Helper is an Auto Hot Key script that can be used to enhance the options in the IBM TM1 Turbo Integrator (TI) process editor. It gives short cuts and options to generate code when using the TI editor.

To use:

  • Download the TIHelper.zip from downloads
  • Unzip the TIHelper.exe to a directory
  • Double click on the executable
  • In any of the TI tabs click Ctrl-Space
  • The TI Helper menu will appear
  • You don’t need Auto Hot Key installed to run TIHelper.exe. If you want to run TIHelper automatically add a short cut to TIHelper.exe to the Startup folder on you Windows Start menu.


All of the code, documents and information in TI Helper are to be deemed without warranty.


The source code is hosted at github.com/cubewise-code/ti-helper. If you find a bug or feel like you can contribute please fork the repository, update the code and then create a pull request so we can merge in the changes.