Unable to generate the Validation Report

For very large TM1 and Planning Analytics models the validation report can run into 1000's of pages, this can cause issues with the rendering the report.

If the report returns the following message, Unable to generate report: Failed loading..., you will need to turn off the headers and footers.

To turn off the header and footers for all reports you can change the setting in the Pulse.cfg file.

  1. Go to the Pulse.cfg file that is located in the conf directory where Pulse is installed (default: C:\Program Files\Pulse for TM1\conf).
  2. Edit the file with Notepad.
  3. Change 2 settings to true:

    DisableFooter = true
    DisableHeader = true
  4. Save the file. You may need to save the file to your Desktop first and then copy the file to the conf directory due to Windows file restrictions.
  5. Restart the Pulse for TM1 Application Server Windows service.
  6. Run the report again.