Include or Exclude feeder files in offline packages

With Pulse v5.3, you can now include or exclude feeder files before creating offline package.

Click on Migration and then Create Package


Let’s create a manual migration package:


Let’s add a couple of cubes:


Click Next until the save options:

The offline option was added in 5.2. It creates a package of files which are regular TM1 object files as opposed at the Live update which is used to update the target TM1 server while it is still up and running. The offline update creates a zip folder containing just native TM1 objects (.cub, .dim, .pro...).

If you click on Offline Update:


It will give you 3 more options:

-          Save Data: Run save data before creating the package.

-          Include Views & Subsets

-          Include Feeders: by default it is unticked, so you need to tick that box if you want to include feeders. The main reason we did not include feeders file is the size of the package file. It can be very large depending on the size of the feeders file.

By ticking the Both option, it will create a Live Update and an Offline update: