Parameters in the instances.json file

To link a Canvas application to a TM1 instance, you will have to update the instances.json file. Each Canvas application has its own WEB-INF\instances.json file. For the samples application, the instances.json file is located in the following folder C:\CWAS\webapps\samples\WEB-INF

Please find below all instances.json parameters:

  • name: name of the TM1 instance in Canvas, it does not have to be the same as the servername in tm1s.cfg
  • restURI: http://<TM1 computer name>:<httpportnumber>
  • tm1webUri: TM1 Web URL (http://<TM1 Web computer name>:9510/tm1web)
  • ChartColorScheme: Default chart colors of the application

The following parameters are only required if you want to configure CAM Security:

  • clientCAMURI: clientCAMURI as it is defined in Cognos Configuration
  • camNamespaces: CAM Namespace as it is defined in Cognos Configuration
  • useSSOWithCAM: To enable Single Sign On (true or false)

After updating the instances.json file, you have to restart the Cubewise Application Server for Canvas to pick up the changes.