How to add Canvas extensions to Visual Studio Code

You can use any text editors to update a HTML page but we recommend to use Visual Studio Code. We have created two Visual Studio extensions which will help you to use Canvas:

  • Canvas: List Canvas directives and pre-populate the code.
  • Canvas Best Practice: List all best practices that you should follow.

You can find these two extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace:

It is very quick to install these extensions:

1. Open Visual Studio Code, go to extensions menu and filter with Canvas, you should now see the two Canvas extensions:

2. Click Install on both Canvas and Canvas Best Practice, once they are installed, you will need to click the Reload button, it will close and then reopen Visual Studio Code:

This is it. To use the Canvas extension, you will need to open an html file and start typing tm1-ui and you should see a list with all Canvas directives:

If you start by typing tm1-template, you'll see a list of template that you can use:

To read the best practice, go to the extension menu and click on the Canvas Best Practice extension: