Hide the context buttons

In Canvas, when you click on a cell which contains a tm1-ui-dbr, the context button will appear. Once you click on this button you'll see a dropdown list with the following options.

  • Reference: Get the TM1 cell reference
  • Spread: Do a spreading
  • Drill: If a drill is set up in TM1, you'll be able to access it.
  • Comment: Input comments using cell annotation or comment measures

If you want to hide the context button, you need to set to false the 4 following attributes to the tm1-ui-dbr:

  • tm1-hide-reference: hides the Reference
  • tm1-hide-comment: hides the comment
  • tm1-hide-spread: hides the Spread
  • tm1-hide-drill: hides the drill
  • tm1-hide-context-menu: disable the context button