Create a new page using Page Creator

To create a new page, it is recommended to use the Page Creator which you can find in the Admin section. Each Canvas application has its own Admin section. In the following example, our application name is training. You can access the Admin section of the training application via the following URL:

The default log in is ‘admin’ and leave the password blank, then click the Login button:

If you forgot the admin password, you can reset it by following these steps.

You can access the Page Creator via the left pane menu, then click Blank Canvas Page:

  • Page Name: Visualisation
  • Menu Name: Visualisation
  • Menu Icon: fa-bar-chart

Click the Create button and then go back to the training application:

Refresh the page (or press F5) and you should be able to see the new page, Visualisation:

When you click the create button, Canvas will create an HTML page with just the icon and the title defined.

When you use the Page Creator to create a new page, Canvas creates a new HTML file with the same name in the <application name>\html folder. Canvas generates a basic HTML code, the header with the title and icons you chose (in orange) and an empty row with 3 blocs (in yellow), just to pre-define the structure of the page.

Note that Canvas will also create a controller (JS file) in the controller folder (js/controllers).