Jun 5, 2018

Where to share Arc plugins

A Arc plugin is a folder which contains as minimum, two files:

  • plugin.js: The plugin definition and the controller.
  • template.html: The look and feel of your plugin.

All plugins are stored in the plugins folder

  • :Arcplugins

Share your plugin with someone

To share your plugin, you just need to zip this folder and send it to someone.

Share your plugin on the Cubewise forum

To share your plugin with all the Arc community, you can upload your zip file or share your Github link on the Arc forum.

Share your plugins on Github

Github is a web platform where you can share your code publicly for free. Sharing your plugins on Github will enable the community to get the latest version of your plugin.

1 – Create a Github account

To be able to share your plugin on Github, you will need first to create an account. It’s free if you agree to share your code publicly.

2 – Create a README.md file

The README.md file can be used to explain what your plugin does and how to use it:

An example of a README file can be found here.

Arc Plugins on Github

You can also find on Github all the latest Arc plugins by Cubewise CODE. Checkout the following repository:

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