Sep 3, 2018

Where to find support for Arc?

We would like to involve the TM1 community as much as possible into Arc developmets so we decided to put the Arc support public. The support for is public on our support platform

From this repository, you can view all opened/closed tickets, submit new enhancements or report a bug:

All tickets are flagged with different labels which indicate the ticket status (planned, possible, closed…). To see all closed tickets, you just need to click on “Closed” just next to “Open”.

How to create a ticket?

To submist an enhacement request, report a bug or just asking a question, you can open a new issue in cubewise-code/arc-issues.

1 – Create a new issue

To create a new issue, you will have to create a GitHub account (It is very quick and free). Once you are logged in to Github, you should be able to see the green New issue button on the top left

2 – Submit a new issue

You will then need to add the title and the content. To avoid back and force emails, you would need to add the following information:

  • Ticket title.

  • Arc and TM1/PA version number.

  • Desciption of the issue.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue.

Finally click on the Submit issue button, you will then receive an email once we replied to you.

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