Aug 2, 2016

    What’s inside the dump file

    A dump file is a zip file which contains history of data of the previous 10 min of your TM1 instance or TM1 server. You’ll find details of everything that happened in the previous 10 min before the dump file was created such as who was logged in, which processes or chores ran during the past 10 min, snapshots of TM1 threads…

    The dump file is very helpful for example if the TM1 instance crashes and you want to know who was logged in or what was running. The dump file will help you to analyze in details the cause of the server crash.

    Pulse creates a dump file every time a TM1 instance stops or if an alert is triggered with the option “Create Dump File” ticked:

    All dump files are created in the dump folder: C:Program FilesPulse for TM1dump.

    They are just zip files, you can unzip them with 7-zip or other zip programs, just right click and unzip it:

    It contains several files with details of the previous 10 min of history of your TM1 server:

    • cxmd (<instance name>): tm1s.cfg + TM1 error logs.
    • chores.csv: The list of chores which were running in the past 10 min.
    • dump.json: General information on the dump file (when it was created..).
    • history.json: The history of all instances’ state in a JSON format.
    • logs.csv: The last 10 min of TM1 message logs.
    • operations.csv: List of operations (TM1 process, cube view…) which took more than 10 sec during the past 10 min .
    • processes.csv: List of processes which were running in the past 10 min.
    • server.csv: Server stats (Memory and CPU usage) from the past 10 min.
    • service.csv: Instance stats from the past 10 min.
    • servicestate.json: Service states from the past 10 min.
    • sessions.csv: Session stats from the past 10 min.
    • state.json: The last instances states (Loading, Running…).
    • top.csv: A snapshot of TM1 threads every sec for the last 10 min.

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