Aug 1, 2017

What if Heimdall was part of your IBM TM1 team?

Heimdall is a main character in the Thor comic books and movies. He is the guardian of Asgard which is the home of Thor. More importantly he is the gate keeper, he knows the difference between what is good or bad.

What will Heimdall do in your IBM TM1 team?

Heimdall could be your IBM TM1 gatekeeper. He could block everything which should not go into production. Data reconciliation and user requirements should not be the only two criteria to take into account before pushing a release into production. There are other criteria that you should consider such as:

  • Check Best Practice in TM1 rules and TM1 processes.
  • Check naming convention.
  • Check increase in memory consumption.
  • Check the speed performance.

Checking all these criteria is time consuming even for Heimdall unless you give him the right tool.

‘Twilight sword’ vs Pulse for TM1

Heimdall is in possession of the ‘Twillight Sword’, it is a weapon that could destroy the ‘known worlds’. It sounds amazing and all powerful but it is not going to help you with your IBM TM1 application.

Pulse has lots of features which could help him to make sure that everything that you migrate into production meets user requirements, SOX compliance and IBM TM1 Best Practices such as:

Every IBM TM1 team needs a Heimdall who should be in charge of quality and consistency.

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